Monday, April 25, 2011


Congratulations to the students accepted to participate in the GSoC 2011 with RTEMS as their mentoring organization!

Student: Christophe Huriaux
Project: Implementation of the ISO9660 filesystem
Goal: Implement the ISO9660 filesystem so that RTEMS can read CD, DVD, and similar media.

Student: Ricardo Aguirre Reyes
Project: POSIX Timing Tests
Goal: Implement a suite of tests to time POSIX routines.

Student: Cui Xiang
Project: POSIX Compliance Test Suite (misnomer)
Goal: Implement a suite of tests for filesystem testing.

Student: Petr Benes
Project: Porting of resource reservation framework to RTEMS executive
Goal: Port the FRESCOR resource reservation framework to support RTEMS.

Student: Quanming Shi
Project: RTEMS MMU Context Support
Goal: Implement an architecture independent API and structure to manage memory blocks with access attributes based on MMU Support.

Student: Scotty Smith
Project: Lua Scripting and Shell Support in RTEMS
Goal: Add Lua as a library in RTEMS and provide a Lua-based shell as an alternate to the current shell.

Student: Zhang Wenjie
Project: Hypervisor for RTEMS
Goal: Implement virtualization support in RTEMS kernel and demonstrate Linux running on RTEMS.

Student: Jie Liu
Project: RTEMS port of the GNU Java Compiler
Goal: Support compiling Java applications on RTEMS with the GCJ (for x86 at least).

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