Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hood me!

I successfully defended my dissertation thesis yesterday, thus overcoming the final hurdle to the Ph.D. other than some paperwork and formatting/publishing the thesis itself. The title of my thesis is "Operating System Support for Shared Hardware Data Structures" and it spans a range of computer science topics from low-level computer hardware—not quite circuits, but close—up to application software and everything in between. I'm pleased with both the scope of the work, the technical contributions, and the outlook for carrying this work forward. I chose to find and pursue a topic that interested me, and my advisors (and wife!) were flexible enough to permit me to do so. It feels great to take the seed of an idea through germination and see it begin to grow.


  1. Congratulations Sir! Or should I say Dr? :)

  2. Congratulations, Dr. Bloom! Looking forward to reading your thesis once you publish a link to it.

  3. Thanks guy! I think I pushed it through the library's requirements, so I will publish an online version soon.