Monday, February 11, 2013


I previously wrote about booting RTEMS on M5 (Now gem5) SPARC_FS. I am following up on this work in preparation for the release of RTEMS 4.11, which will hopefully be coming soon. I compiled RTEMS (with two small patches) and booted two samples on gem5 and on Simics Niagara.

On the simulator side, the instructions I gave previously continue to work for booting both OpenSolaris and RTEMS. I updated some of the links in the prior post to reflect the change in host to Oracle for the OpenSPARC tools. One issue I did not notice at first is that the port for the console to connect m5term to the gem5 simulator is port 3457.

I successfully built and booted hello and ticker with the niagara BSP. There are a few patches that need to be applied to RTEMS, but hopefully I can get those patches committed before releasing 4.11. Ideally, the RTEMS 4.11 will be able to compile and boot with gem5, giving the RTEMS community an open-source simulator for testing.

Interestingly, the ticker appears to count time. I'll have to take a look at how gem5 simulates the (s)tick register. Simics does not simulate the timer with any accuracy.

I think Qemu would be a nice target simulator for some future endeavors, but I do not have the time to investigate the feasibility of running RTEMS on the Qemu Sparc64.

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