Thursday, May 30, 2013

Congratulations RTEMS GSoC 2013 Students

Congratulations to the accepted students in GSoC 2013 for the RTEMS Project! We had many fine applicants again this year, and were able to accept 9 students to do projects with us this summer. In alphabetical order by project name, we accepted these students/projects:
  • Shubham Somani
    • Application Configuration GUI for RTEMS.
  • Deng Hengyi
    • Atomic Operations and SMP lock debug tool for RTEMS
  • Dhananjay M Balan
    • Better debugging support for RTEMS in GDB.
  • Hesham Moustafa AL-matary
    • Enhance low-level API of libmm (Memory Protection & Caches)
  • Philipp E
    • Paravirtualization layer in RTEMS
  • Jin Yang
    • Porting CAN driver, LinCAN, to RTEMS
  • Peng Fan
    • RTEMS Runtime Loader
  • Sree Harsha Konduri
    • SMP Aware Scheduler
  • Vipul Nayyar
    • Unified APIs
These are all important, ambitious projects that will be of great benefit to RTEMS if successful, and will definitely teach the students a lot about project management and open source development.

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